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At the law office of Jerome Snyder we are dedicated to providing revocable living trusts for our clients for a fair and affordable price. Our method is to introduce the public to simple estate planning concepts at living trust seminars that we conduct monthly throughout Southern California. At these seminars we explain what a living trust is and its value to homeowners in particular. We invite our guests at the seminars to ask questions at any time and so the process becomes one where our guests learn from not only the lecturer but from the many questions asked by others in attendance.

The lecture is given by an attorney and lasts approximately one hour and a half. During this lecture we explain what a living trust is and how it functions. We also explain other legal documents that are included in the living trust package including a pour- over will and powers of attorney.

At the end of the lecture guests may purchase a trust from us or not as they choose. The seminar is free. There is no obligation to buy a trust. If a trust is ordered we will give you a form called the Information Worksheet that you will complete at home and return mail to us. You may call at any time if you have questions about completing the Worksheet. When we receive the Worksheet it is reviewed by the attorney who did the seminar and he or she will call you to review the forms with you over the phone. Once we have the information your trust documents are prepared and mailed to you with simple instructions. Normal time to receive your trust after you mail in the Worksheet is fifteen to twenty days.

Clients may call us at any time if they have questions about their trust or want to make changes and there is no additional charge.

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